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When our technician arrives at your home he will ask you to take him to your furnace room.
  • He will then make sure it is operating properly and go through a 12 point check(included in your cleaning).
  • He will then turn off your system.
  • He will go to each vent and seal off all registers(this is done to create a proper vacuum)
  • He will then bring a large 10" vacuum hose which runs to the truck out side
  • This hose is connected first to your supply side of your system
  • We then run our 260psi scorpion spinning brush which also runs to the truck to your furthest register
  • Now with our vacuum running at 15000cfm we go to each vent in your home ,and our scorpion brush which has 12 power full air jets in front of our spinning brush flush all debris down to the main duct work in your basement.
  • We then brush all your supply duct work all debris getting sucked into hour vacuum.
  • we then clean your A/C coil and fan and fan-housing.
  • The same process is then done to the return air side of the system. All work is then inspected with our camera. after inspection our tech will spray a botanical disinfectant(benefect) into your system
  • All access hole are then sealed back up
  • Covers are removed from vents
  • New filter is put in place
  • Furnace is turned back on
  • The technition will check for proper air flow
  • Your system has now been professionally cleaned
Our technician will take the time to go over the whole procedure with you after the cleaning.
He will then recommended the scheduled time for your next cleaning based on the age, size, pets, number of people occupying the home etc. If you have any questions, our technician will be more than happy to answer all questions.

MRT Duct Cleaning offers you a very easy and simple quoting system to make duct cleaning affordable for every family.

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